Handmade since 1952

The creative process of the langani designers begins with an extended walk through the studio rooms with their meter-long cupboards full of the finest materials. Pearls as far as the eye can see. In addition to the famous faceted glass beads, there are many other treasures hidden in the langani studio, from mother-of-pearl to wood, labradorite and the finest Swarovski crystals. Wild shells, small agate stones and lush roundels of hematite.

Feeling the structure of the material, combining the variety of colours and the spectrum of shapes, all this is the beginning of the history of a piece of jewelry. Inspiration knows no bounds. Whether nature is chosen as a model, a visit to the theatre serves as a source of inspiration or a stroll by the sea conjures up new impressions - langani jewelry always tells a story.

After the careful selection of the materials comes the actual craftsmanship... The passing on of traditional techniques such as air threading as well as the development and improvement of new handicrafts are always created in the ongoing design process.

langani accessories run through several hands until the piece of jewelry is lovingly packaged in a specially made box and delivered to the wearer.


Exquisite and Different
langani deliberately swims against the tide - the annual collection consists of several small series that are lovingly handcrafted. To emphasize the special, there are several limited lines every year that leave the studio of the designers based in Berlin and Stuttgart.

The love for the piece of jewelry is always in the foreground. langani attaches great importance to a high standard of quality and uniqueness. This exclusivity, embodied by langani, is highly appreciated by jewelry lovers all over the world.

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